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Your HOA Said 'No' to Chickens? We've Got Your Back

Let's set the scene: You're excited about the idea of having your very own backyard chickens. You've been dreaming of fresh eggs, feathered friends, and the sustainable, cluckin' good life. But then someone from your HOA tells you that chickens are a no-go. Feathers - ruffled.

Well we we know a thing or two about this and we're here to help with wisdom to help you fight back, appeal that decision, and make a compelling case for feathered co-residents in your backyard. We've created a template to help you dive deep and craft an HOA letter that's not just persuasive but a little bit cheeky. We're talking about chickens here, you can't help but smile.

(On a serious note, we're on a mission to re-shape these outdated (and over-reaching) rules so that everyone, everywhere can have the freedom to grow their own food at home. We won't get on our soapbox now, but it's something that urgently needs change, and we're incredibly passionate about creating a world where everyone can easily cultivate delicious, healthy food for themselves and their families right at home.)

Check out our template here. (To edit, simply tap File > Make a Copy.)

Yard farmers - assemble!

-Team Coop


There's a new coop in town.

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