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"With This State-of-the-Art Coop, Anyone Can Have Chickens in Their Backyard."

Coop’s high-tech enclosures aim to ‘democratize chickens’ by taking the guesswork out of raising backyard poultry.

Agritech startup Coop aims to make this easier for non-farmers with a so-called "smart" chicken coop. 

COOP is a backyard coop for suburban dwellers seeking a stylish and safe housing solution for pet chickens.

Meet the Dallas-Based Duo Reimagining Backyard Farming and Services.

Coop offers chicken tending, coop cleaning services to Austinites.

Designed for the backyard farmer, Austin-based start-up COOP and Bould Design present a modern twist on raising chickens.

There's a new coop in town.

Want a crash-course in raising chickens?

Sign up and learn everything you need to know about raising backyard birds for the first time.

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