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Climate-tough, built to last

Keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter, in the frost of Fargo or heat of Houston.

Green thumbs optional

A Coop so smart anyone can do it — even if you’ve never stepped foot on a farm.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Access and control your coop from anywhere through our intuitive mobile app.

This coop is seriously smart. 

Not your average
bird brain.

Not your average bird brain.

This coop is seriously smart.

Precision care, expert detection.

Our EggsteinAI works tirelessly, providing expert-level monitoring and protection 24/7.

All-day, all-night flock guardian.

1080P HD Streaming: 

Your bird's eye view - crystal clear, See all the details with 8X digital zoom in the Coop App.

Motion Detection:

Insanely specific motion detection - humans, animals, you name it, we've tested it and we'll see it.

Full Color Night Vision:

940nm infrared lights allow you to view up to 20m distance with all the details, day or night.

IP66 Weatherproof: 

Integrated with IP66 weatherproofing, cameras stream on in any weather - rain, sun, snow, and wind.

There's a new coop in town.


Squawks from the Press

Not just smart, but incredibly easy

Easy to setup, use and maintain. Swap out compostable trays in just 30 seconds for fast cleaning.

Ready for your organic egg oasis?

All-Weather Durability

Climate-smart design and ultra premium materials ensure year-round chicken comfort.

An app for everything.

24/7 remote monitoring with intelligent event recording, daily routine downloads and more - all in the Coop App. Your hub for hassle-free chicken care. 

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