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Next-gen nesting.

AI-powered security, round-the-clock livestreaming, and eco-smart automation. The future of chicken care is here.

(And it's clucking brilliant.)

Choose the right
model for you

You rule your roost, we just give you the freedom of options.

Roost Camera

24/7 birds eye view inside the coop.

Smart Door

Automatic open and close for daily ins and outs.

Climate-Smart Durability

Built for cool summers and warm winters, anywhere.

Run Camera

24/7 birds eye view outside the coop.

Heavy-Duty Run

82Ibs of predator-tough steel.

Run Door

Free-range ready whenever you are.

Smart Coop Run + Base

The first-ever smart coop for backyard chickens. Protect, harvest and tend to your flock -- right from your phone. Built for aspiring micro farmers, city dwellers, and lifelong chicken people.