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There's a new coop in town.

The high-tech coop fit for any backyard, tailored for newbies, made by lifelong chicken farmers.

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The Smart Coop
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"Bringing smart-home tech to backyard chickens - this coop is seriously cool."

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A first-of-its-kind smart chicken coop.

The best of today's tech and yesterday's down-on-the-farm charm: Welcome to the new age of backyard farming.


Made for any yard, anywhere, anyone.

(Even you, succulent-killer-city-slicker.)

Small space, big bounty

100 sq. ft. of grass (about the size of a parking spot) and WiFi is all it takes.

Climate-tough, built to last

Keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter, in the frost of Fargo or heat of Houston.

Green thumbs optional

A Coop so smart anyone can do it — even if you’ve never stepped foot on a farm.

All Harvest,
No Hassle

Set up? Over-easy. Maintenance? Minimal. Cleaning? A breeze. 


(Plus an automated door, the genius of Albert Eggstein's chicken AI and a whole lot more, it's plug, play, and poultry.)


A dependable companion in any season, anywhere. Crisp 1080p live streams ensure your flock's safety even when you're not around.

Eggs from The Smart Coop
Sunny-Side-Up Sustainability

Fresh eggs pack up 20x the nutrients of store bought, while turning waste into gold. Little feathered bio-recyclers.

An App for Everything

24/7 remote monitoring with intelligent event recording, daily routine downloads and more - all in the Coop App. Your hub for hassle-free chicken care. 

Not your average bird brain.
The Smart Coop is truly smart.

Our chicken-smart AI, camera and door system