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Your all-in-one membership for

Easier-than-ever chicken keeping, all for $7/mo


AI Coop guardian. Knows each bird, spots critters, and alerts you for the important stuff ASAP.

CloudCluck Storage

Relive every moment, all month long. 30 days of cloud storage catch every cluck and flap.

Litter Tray Bundle

A starter bundle of our custom-fit Coop litter trays for effortless 30-second cleanup.


Experience unparalleled chicken care with AI monitoring, predator detection, and easy maintenance—all in one membership. All for less than $.30 a day.

Unlock the full genius of your Coop

1080P HD Streaming: 

Your bird's eye view - crystal clear, See all the details with 8X digital zoom in the Coop App.

Motion Detection:

Insanely specific motion detection - humans, animals, you name it, we've tested it and we'll see it.

Full Color Night Vision:

940nm infrared lights allow you to view up to 20m distance with all the details, day or night.

IP66 Weatherproof: 

Integrated with IP66 weatherproofing, cameras stream on in any weather - rain, sun, snow, and wind.

Everything you get with Eggstein+  

Albert Eggstein: AI Coop Guardian

Knows each bird individually, spots critters, and sends immediate alerts for important events.

CloudCluck Storage

Enjoy 30 days of cloud storage to capture every cluck and flap for a month.

Starter Coop Poop Tray Supply

Get 6-pack starter bundle of our of custom-fit Coop litter trays for 30-second cleanup magic.

Service with Savings

Service fees are capped at $5 (available in select areas).

CluckWatch Predator Detection

Utilizes 7 million images of common poultry predators for perfect predator detection. Recognizes and deters potential threats.

SOS Mode

Trigger a predator alarm on demand with a single tap.

Custom SOS alarm combines loud dog barks with bright, flashing lights to deter unwelcome guests.

Always-On App Control

Monitor your entire coop in real-time and control it remotely from anywhere.

1080P HD Streaming

Get a crystal-clear bird's eye view with 8X digital zoom in the Coop App.

Motion Detection

Achieve insanely specific motion detection, including humans and animals.

Full-Color Night Vision

Utilize 940nm infrared lights for detailed night vision. View up to 20m distance day or night.

IP66 Weatherproofing

Cameras are integrated with IP66 weatherproofing to operate in any weather condition: rain, sun, snow, and wind.


Receive daily morning notifications when your flock roams and grazes. Get night alerts to ensure all birds are accounted for, keeping chickens and chicken farmers blissful and stress-free.


Ready for your organic egg oasis?

Frequently Asked

  • Eggstein+ is an all-in-one membership providing convenient features for easy chicken keeping at $7/mo. Just like your own flock, we need to feed ours in order to get eggs. That’s why our membership is required to unlock the full intelligence of your coop. $7 a month delivers everything you need to monitor your flock 24/7

  • Your membership includes Albert Eggstein (AI Coop Guardian), CloudCluck Storage, 6-Pack Coop Poop Tray Supply, and more.

  • Yes, service fees are capped at $5 (available in select areas).

  • Use the Coop App for real-time monitoring and remote control of your coop.

Chicken Curious? 

Entering the wonderful world of backyard farming can be scary, but you're not alone.

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