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Chill Chicks: How to Keep Your Flock Cool, Fruity, and Frolicking!

As the summer sun cranks up the heat, our feathered friends need a little extra TLC to stay cool and content. We've got the scoop on spotting heat-stressed hens, serving up some berrylicious treats, and crafting adorable frozen fruit bowls to keep your flock clucking with joy.

Spotting Heat Stress in Your Chickens

Panting Poultry: If your chickens are panting like pups on a hot day, it's a sign they're feeling the heat.

Laid-Back Ladies: Lethargic behavior, like lounging around instead of their usual bustling about, could mean your hens are overheated.

Pale Combs, Sad Faces: Check their combs and wattles—if they're looking a little pale, your chickens might be struggling to stay cool.

Egg-ceptional Pause: A sudden drop in egg production might mean your hens are too busy fanning themselves to lay.

Shady Characters: Chickens love a good shady spot, so if they're congregating under trees or in their coop during peak sun hours, they're likely trying to beat the heat.

Some Safe Summer Treats for Your Flock

Watermelon Wonders: Treat your chickens to juicy watermelon slices—hydration and happiness in every bite!

Berry Bliss: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries—whatever tickles your chickens' fancy, these sweet and nutritious berries are sure to be a hit.

Melon Madness: Cantaloupe, honeydew—slice 'em up and watch your flock go wild for these refreshing summer snacks.

Grape Delights: Seedless grapes are like little bursts of joy for your chickens—just remember, everything in moderation!

Apple-Pear Pair: Sliced apples and pears are crunchy, tasty treats your hens will peck at with glee.

Crafty DIY Frozen Fruit Bowls

Materials Needed:

- Two round plastic bowls (the cuter, the better!)

- Chicken-friendly fruits

- Water

- Freezer


Fruit Fun: Chop up your chosen fruits into bite-sized pieces and pop them into the larger of the two plastic bowls.

H2-Oh, So Cool: Fill the bowl with water, covering the fruit completely. This is where the magic happens!

Double Trouble: Stack the second bowl on top of the first, gently pressing down to submerge the fruity goodness in water. (Use something heavy to hold it down like rocks or a can of fruit.)

Freeze, Freeze, Baby: Stick those bowls in the freezer and let the frosty magic work its chilly charm.

Release the Ice Block: Once frozen solid, run the bottom bowl under warm water to loosen the ice block. Voila! You've got yourself a frozen fruit bowl fit for chicken royalty.

Serve and Watch the Feathery Fun: Fill that fruity ice delight with water and prepare for some clucky excitement!

With a keen eye for heat-stressed hens, a stash of berrylicious treats, and a sprinkle of DIY magic, you'll have your flock chilling out in style this summer. They'll thank you with happy clucks and contented coos!


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