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Baby Chicks in the Mail?! Here's What To Expect

Bringing home baby chicks is an exciting adventure, and if you’re new to this experience, you’re in for a delightful journey filled with joy and a bit of learning. Here’s a guide to help you know what to expect when ordering your new feathered friends online from My Pet Chicken, along with some important tips to ensure a smooth experience.

The Ordering Process

When you order baby chicks from My Pet Chicken, you have the option to choose from a variety of breeds, each with its own unique characteristics. The minimum order is as few as three chicks, which is great for those starting small. During the warmer months (April through November), the minimum is three chicks, but during the colder months (December through March), the minimum increases to eight to ensure they stay warm during shipping​​.

Shipping and Arrival

Your chicks will be shipped via USPS. Orders with 15 or more chicks are shipped using USPS Priority Mail, while smaller orders use USPS Express Mail. This method ensures your chicks arrive as quickly and safely as possible.

Chicks are shipped when they are one day old because they can survive up to 72 hours after hatching without food and water, thanks to the nutrients absorbed from their yolk sacs​.

What to Do When Your Chicks Arrive

Pickup: You’ll be notified by the post office when your chicks arrive. It’s best to pick them up as soon as possible to minimize their time in transit.

Inspection: Carefully open the box and inspect the chicks. It's recommended not to open the box in front of young children, just in case there are any losses during transit, which can occasionally happen. This can be distressing, but it’s a reality of shipping live animals​.

Immediate Care: Once home, place the chicks in a pre-warmed brooder with a temperature of about 95°F. Provide them with fresh water (with added vitamins and electrolytes) and starter feed immediately​.

Possible Issues

Bad Shipments: Occasionally, chicks might arrive weak or not survive the journey. This is relatively rare, but it’s important to be prepared. My Pet Chicken guarantees live arrival, so contact them if you encounter any issues.

Health Checks: Monitor the chicks closely for the first few days. Healthy chicks should be active and chirping. If you notice any lethargy or signs of illness, take action immediately by consulting resources or contacting customer support at My Pet Chicken​​.

The Joys of Raising Baby Chicks

Despite the potential challenges, raising baby chicks is incredibly rewarding! They are adorable and watching them grow and develop personalities is a delightful experience. They require a lot of attention and care, especially in the first few weeks, but the bond you’ll form with them is worth every moment.

Tips for First-Time Owners

Setup: Have your brooder, heat lamp, and all supplies ready before the chicks arrive.  Check out our New Chick Checklist for a full rundown.

Monitoring: Check on your chicks frequently throughout the day to ensure they are warm, fed, and hydrated.

Learning: Take advantage of the wealth of resources available on My Pet Chicken’s website, including their care guides and FAQs​.

Community: You're not alone in this journey! Join our Chick Chat Club for Newbies! Ran by chicken experts, you can get real time answers on any and all flock care questions.

Bringing baby chicks into your home can be a wonderful experience filled with learning and joy. With a bit of preparation and care, you’ll be well on your way to raising a happy, healthy flock. Happy chick-keeping!


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