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Nurturing New Peeps: A Chicklist

New Chick Supplies Checklist

🐣 Waterer

🐣 Feeder

🐣 Thermometer

🐣 Brooder & Lamp

🐣 Smart Coop

🐣Compostable Litter Trays

🐣 Starter / Grower Feed

🐣 Chick Grit & Probiotics

🐣 Electrolytes

Delivery & Pick-up Tips

- Keep them secure in the box.

- Avoid sudden stops during transport.

- Ensure proper temperature inside the vehicle, they like it toasty!

For online orders:

- Chicks ship Mon-Wed via USPS.

- Pick up within 24 hours of notification.

Setting Up at Home

Create a cozy brooding area:

- Use a sturdy structure away from drafts and pets.

- Cover with a screen for safety, they will use their wings early!

- Avoid cardboard or plastic as it can cause hazards.

Bedding Basics

Keep the brooder clean and comfy:

- Use 2-3 inches of pine shavings, or our compostable litter trays.

- Change bedding daily.

- Start with paper towels for better traction.

Keeping Chicks Warm

- Start at 95°F and reduce by 5°F weekly.

- Use a brooder lamp for warmth.

- Watch chick behavior for comfort cues.

Food & Water Management

- Use separate containers for water and feed.

- Ensure adequate hydration and nutrition.

- Monitor chick feeding habits closely.

Fun & Care Tips

- Offer roosting spots and outdoor time!

- Provide a dust bath tray for grooming.

- Use slow movements for gentle handling.

Taking care of your new chicks is an exciting adventure! Remember these essentials for a happy and thriving flock. 🐥✨


There's a new coop in town.

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