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You buy the Coop,
we buy the chicks.

Get our Smart Coop at a special price, and receive the gift of FREE baby chicks from our friends at My Pet Chicken     


Spring into chicken keeping with ease and delight.

Unbeatable deals plus special voucher for adorable baby chicks with every purchase. (Yes, really—chicks are on us!) 

Beginner Friendly

An insanely smart coop and hand-selected breeds - we've made it easy for anyone.

Fun, Happy Hens

Live poultry to supplies, My Pet Chicken has everything to start and grow your flock. 

24/7 Support

We're here every step of the way to help you start your chicken journey with ease.

Lifelong farmers

Built by lifelong farmers, but made for anyone who wants a taste of down-home life.

Ready to start your new flock family?

Unlock backyard farming bliss in just a few steps. Here's how to snag this exclusive deal.

With our best deal yet, purchase your Smart Coop and receive the gift of baby chicks to start your new flock family. Our gift to you.

Use your unique code to order your perfect breeds on My Pet Chicken. Already have chickens at home? Stock up on other favorites instead!

Receive your coop in 5-10 days, and pick up day-old chicks from your local post office in 2 days to a few weeks, depending on breed selection.

Coop + My Pet Chicken

Since 2004, My Pet Chicken has been the go-to for everything chickens, from beginner tips to expert advice. They're all about making chicken keeping accessible and fun for everyone, just like us. 


Their wisdom and dedication are top-notch, and we're honored to join the coop to make your chicken dreams come true, from the best coops to best breeds.

joining flocks

The Smart Coop

$1,995 $2,495.00

The first-ever smart coop for backyard chickens. Protect, harvest and tend to your flock -- right from your phone. Built for aspiring micro farmers, city dwellers, and lifelong chicken people. 

Roost Camera

24/7 birds eye view inside the coop.

Smart Door

Automatic open and close for daily ins and outs.

Climate-Smart Durability

Built for cool summers and warm winters, anywhere.

Run Camera

24/7 birds eye view outside the coop.

Heavy-Duty Run

82Ibs of predator-tough steel.

Run Door

Free-range ready whenever you are.

Rustic charm, cutting-edge tech - a coop like never before.

"Bringing smart-home tech to backyard chickens - this coop is seriously cool."

See Why People Are Clucking About It