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There's a new coop in town.

The wonder of backyard farming - made simple and easy. Say hello to the Smart Chicken Coop.


"Bringing smart-home tech to backyard chickens - this coop is seriously cool."

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Save Now, Hatch in Spring: Secure $500 Off Your Dream Coop

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Who needs a green thumb when you have a Smart Coop?


Automatic Coop Door

Convenience from dawn till dusk—opens and closes daily with precision


Dual Roost & Run WiFi Cams

24/7 HD streams with alerts and smart recording—never miss a moment.


Predator Detection - Perfected

Trained with 7 million images—automatic threat recognition, alerts and deterrence 


All in the Coop App

Instant, 24/7 remote monitoring and control—stay in the loop anytime, anywhere.

Loved by Customers

One App to Rule Your Roost

Protect, watch and tend to your flock - right from your phone. The Coop App has it all:  24/7 live streams, remote monitoring, predator protection, event recording and more. 


Not your average bird brain. The Smart Coop is truly smart.

Learn why our customers call us "the most delightful chicken-keeping experience, ever."

All Harvest,
No Hassle

Set up? Easy. Maintenance? Minimal. Cleaning? 30 seconds.  We thought of everything to make it easy - automated door, compostable litter trays and more.)


An App for Everything

24/7 remote monitoring with intelligent event recording, daily routine downloads and more - all in the Coop App. Your hub for hassle-free chicken care. 

Any City, Any Weather

A dependable companion in any season, anywhere. Crisp 1080p live streams ensure your flock's safety even when you're not around.