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CoopCam: 24/7 Flock Security

CoopCam: 24/7 Flock Security


Protect your flock day and night with our smart Roost & Run Cams' crystal-clear 1080p vision. Enjoy peace of mind with Albert Eggstein's AI smarts: predator detection, egg alerts, constant streaming, and remote vigilance— your 24/7 bird's eye view. Monthly Membership, $6.99/mo, excluded from promotion.

  • Ideal for:            
    -Anyone with an existing backyard coop who wants to upgrade their flock security.
    -Smart Coop owners who want an additional angle of AI chicken security
    -iOS users, offering a seamless and intuitive way to retrofit smart technology into your existing coop setup. (Note: We're actively developing an Android version of our app to extend this incredible experience to more users soon.)



Who needs a green thumb when you have a Smart Coop?


Automatic Coop Door

Convenience from dawn till dusk—opens and closes daily with precision


Dual Roost & Run WiFi Cams

24/7 HD streams with alerts and smart recording—never miss a moment.


Predator Detection - Perfected

Trained with 7 million images—automatic threat recognition, alerts and deterrence 


All in the Coop App

Instant, 24/7 remote monitoring and control—stay in the loop anytime, anywhere.


Small space = big bounty →

Designed for anyone with any outdoor space

Just Wifi and 100sqft of grass is all it takes.

Designed for busy lifestyles and any outdoor space-12.gif

The best of both worlds →

World-class innovation and design meets farm charm

Meticulously designed for the modern backyard and modern farmer


Unmatched convenience →

Everything in your Coop App, 24/7

Every cluck, every feature, right in the app.

A truly smart chicken coop.

Highly Rated by Customers

Not hours.

Enjoy a 12month supply of compostable, disposable litter trays. Over-easy cleaning: ✔️

Clucking clean in minutes...