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Battle of the yolks


Fresh eggs: all they're cracked up to be?

The short answer: Yes. Farm fresh eggs are true nutritional champs.

Free Range Chicken Farm

The difference between yard-fresh eggs and mass-produced? It's all in the diet. With access to grass, bugs, and your leftovers (curry night, anyone?), our hens eat like royalty, and you reap the benefits. Studies show that farm-fresh eggs pack up to 20x more Omega-3 fatty acids, 25% more vitamin E.

Nutritional Value

Chicken Sh*t 

The term "chicken sh*t" needs a rebrand. Chicken poop is incredibly nutrient-dense, rich all 13 essential plant nutrients. And since a single chicken can produce up to 8lbs a month, say goodbye to manual tilling, and hello to Yard of the Month.  Chicken poop truly is a garden gold mine.

Disposal, who?

The average family throws out 250lbs of food a year, while average chicken eats 9lbs of food per month. Curry leftovers, stale bread, every fruit or veggie. They are composting machines, and the more scraps they eat, the richer the eggs are. (All while living their best cage-free lives.)

Better for them, better for you

Chickens live much better lives in backyards versus factory farms - without question. A better quality of life for our feathered friends, better food for you and your family, and better for the planet. So yes, fresh is best. 

Ready for your organic egg oasis?

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