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That down-on-the-farm feeling.
No farm required.
The high-tech coop fit for any backyard, tailored for newbies, made by lifelong chicken farmers. 

What makes the Smart Coop so, smart?

Our first-of-its-kind Smart Coop is where cutting-edge meets countryside.  We combined state-of-the-art AI, modern home-tech and mobile app convenience - without losing that down-on-the-farm charm.

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Built smart, built tough

Dual WiFi Cameras

Internal (Roost) and external (Run) cameras give you 24/7 eyes on the flock in crisp 1080p. Remote monitoring, night vision, and smart event recording for always-on peace of mind.

Automatic Door

Effortless convenience - sunrise to sunset. Our pre-installed automatic door opens and closes like clockwork AM and PM, ensuring your chickens' daily comfort while making your life a breeze.

Meticulous Design

Made of YETI-grade material, it's durable, sturdy and impossibly easy to clean. Engineered with smart ventilation + insulation, for cool summers and warm winters.

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Trained with (literally) 7 million images of common poultry predators, CluckWatch is predator detection - perfected. We recognize and deter potential threads so you don't have to.

SOS Mode

Predator alarm - on demand. A single tap triggers our custom SOS alarm – combining loud dog barks with bright, flashing lights. Unwelcome guests think twice, and your coop remains peaceful.

24/7 Remote Control

Manage every single feature of the Smart Coop right from the app- anytime, anywhere. 

All in the Coop App

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